Ukraine vs France / Sweden Vs England My betting journal

Today I made some crazy bets which I share with you later. You can choose to follow if you are crazy enough , or otherwise you can go against my bet . I been on a losing streak so it can be a good choice to bet against me as I seems to jinx all my bets .

Let start with Ukraine vs France and save the more exciting match for later .the co-host played well in their last match but I do not see that Ukraine can beat France for this game . France is an improved side , not like that France that gives a half ass performance in world cup 2010 . This France means business . During the France vs England game , the french are in control of the game for most of the time and England defending . Well my take is that Ukraine might be thinking about defending and playing counter since they knew France needs a win against them and they already got three points . It depends on how the games go . France are not the kind of team that score and start to sit back in their own half .If Ukraine choose to crowd their penalty box against France then their keeper(A. Pyatov) needs to be on form as France likes to take shots outside the box and their shooting is quite good , just look at how Nasri scores against England . If France gets to score early then the game would be high scoring whereas if it is still 0-0 at half time I predict the game to end 2 goals or less . With that said I am backing France to win . Scroll down to check my odds below , kind of sucks by the way I tell you guys .

Now let talk about Sweden Vs England

FACT – England has never beat Sweden in their last twelve games , those to back England need all the luck they can get . The last match Sweden was poor against Ukraine , I guess mainly due to complacency and under estimating opponents .This match the Swedes will have to give their all as they need the three points if not they can join Ireland and Holland . I expect England to play a 4-4-1-1,  and Hodgson winning rate as a manager is 40% and England might be defending because that is Hodgson’s way . Why did England choose to get a draw with France  ? Simple , because they think that Sweden and Ukraine are easier teams to them . Depending on the results on the Ukraine France match , that will determine England’s approach to the second half . France win , they would need to attack Sweden . Draw and Sweden win would means England can afford to sit back defend and counter .

I am taking Sweden to win since if I bet on England I win peanuts , I think the Sweden have equally good chance to win this game  . A draw is very likely too but like I said I am going to take a crazy bet . You can take draw if you want .

Today I back a France and Sweden win . Scroll below to see

My thoughts on Italy vs Croatia and Spain vs Ireland

Italy dominated the first half and score through a Pirlo free kick . That free kick is world class and that kick made me lose my “half time draw ” bet . Italy has many chances but they did not take them and they got punish by a motivated Croatia in the second half . Croatia is controlling the midfield in the second half and work hard to get lost ball back . M. Mandžukić has been himself a name on Euro 2012 join top scorer M. Gómez and A. Dzagoev . Croatia could have won the game in the second half as they had better chances and a penalty claim  . Italy can count themselves lucky not to lose given their bad finishing .

Spain vs Ireland

Spain is really a world class team if you had seen them play yesterday . They control the whole game and Ireland could not do a thing against them . Spain played like a Barcelona without messi , but yesterday they had the on form Torres back and that was good enough to get a rout against the Irish . Spain scored 4 goals and it could be worse if not for given who made some really nice saves . The Irish did work hard but the gap between Spain and Ireland are just too much . Irish has a lot of league one standard player in their team and Spain are all Champions league and League winners standard player . Ireland also play simon cox(league 1 hardly made any appearances for club) in front of jon walter(one of Stoke first team player ) . With this Spain score lots of goals and  win my Total goals over 3 bet .

The photos got a problem when I upload them and cannot be rotate ? Upside down a sign for you to bet against me . Hmmmm

Can’t see odds clearly ? try the links Ukraine vs France Sweden Vs England



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