Italy vs Croatia / Spain vs Ireland (betting Journal)

All right yesterday my hands felt itchy so I went to buy a holland win and denmark win . Fingers got sting but never mind , I still like 80+ dollars to lose . I bet underdog for fun as there has been upset once or twice , maybe yesterday will happened again but it did not .

Italy vs Croatia

The way I look at this match , it look like a very possible Italian win . However Croatia does not look like a poor team the last time they play ,and maybe Italy is a bit over rate . For this match I am following ( who is winning 9 bet in a row betting that the first half would end up a draw . If they drew in the first half ,I win my bet . Another friend of mine bet on total goals 2 and 3 , I wish him good luck for today .

Spain Vs Ireland

For this match there is not much of a history between Spain and Ireland . They seldom play against each other . I do fancy the Ireland to be already knock by later  , as the Spain is really too good for Ireland . The only hope the Irish have is to defend and try to score on set pieces . I think Spain’s weakness is set pieces as most of their players are short  . Just think about the Ireland defense in that Croatia , I said it’s no good at all . If they are going to do that kind of bad defending against Spain I would be happy as I have bet on the game totals goals to be over ( more than 3 goals in the match) . However if the Irish decide to play for a draw and park their penalty box I will be worried . Italian coach , who knows if he will not play like that  . I hope they just defend poorly and win me my bet , no offense to all the Irish if you are reading this . I am a fan of Robbie Keane but a even bigger fan of my own money .

And good luck !



~ by nijnail on June 14, 2012.

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