My thoughts on Denmark vs Portugal / Holland vs Germany

Denmark Vs Portugal …. Hmm , does not sounds like a lot of goals but I am glad that I am wrong . The match first half turns out to be the most entertaining first half in this tournament yet . Free flowing and open game , what a dream for neutrals like me . Portugal did not screw themselves this time around by putting up a decent show, however they are still quite predictable by always trying to feed the ball to Ronaldo and Nani on the flanks  . They went on to score two goals first through pepe and postigal . Pepe on this euro is good surprisingly . Ronaldo is disappointing  as he can’t score one on one and whatsoever , he whine at every decisions go against him like most of the time he play for Portugal. Ronaldo I can only said you flop flop flop at euro and in a Portugal shirt .The Portugal Coach master substitution put on Silvestre Varela to score the winning goal .  While Denmark on the other hand , what can I say ? They tried hard and played well yet just a little not enough .People who bet on Portugal must have a roller coaster emotional ride throughout the game haha . But anyway a game I enjoyed as a fan .

Holland Vs Germany , will it be as exciting as their other Group B matches for today ? Nope as i watch on  two cautious nation slowly testing each other . Ultimately it was Holland questionable defense to crack first and they concede the first goal . Seriously Holland defense is really lousy , they time and time again fail to mark the German players and it is not like the German players forgot how to score . Last match when the Dutch fail to score they dug themselves a big hole . It had made to them to need to play an offensive game against Germany and Germany use that to their advantages to defend and counter . During the second half the Dutch sub in more offensive player in hoping to score goals . They did get one back but it was not enough , they need three .

With the defeat , the dutch can start packing their bags and hang their head in shame because they knew they had let their country down  . Their attackers shooting are wayward and their porous defense did not help .


~ by nijnail on June 13, 2012.

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