Denmark vs Portugal / Holland vs Germany (betting Journal)

I still have not recover from losing those bet ( yesterday and I am not very confident to predict for today, especially for this Group of death matches , can be also group of death for the pundits as who predicted that Holland would lose to Denmark on the last match .

Wait a minute , I am not suppose to be a pundit predicting what would happen . I am just a novice paying fee to the odds maker (by losing a few bets) to learn how to bet .And if I really could predict all the games correctly I would need no job and Singapore pools will pay for my meals , housing and etc…

Here is my guess on how the game will go on , we start with the Denmark vs Portugal match .

Denmark now has 3 pts and Portugal have 0 pts . Portugal should be attacking to get all 3 pts from this match if they still harbor any hopes to get through the group stage but they have to be careful or else Portugal might end up like Holland . Denmark because that they have 3 points and there is not much expectation require from them , the Danes might just play cautious and hit with counter . If Denmark could not find a way a score then after 70 min they might just pass the ball around to get a draw 1 pts . By doing that they could damage Portugal qualifying chances and at the same time increase their own chances depending on what happen during the Holland vs Germany . Portugal on the other hand will throw everything and anything they have after the 70min if the score reflect that they are going to lose or draw .

Holland Vs Germany

After watching the last Germany match , I suppose the Germans did not play as well as we think they should . Maybe their players are tired as most of them are from bayern munich and they do not have enough time to recover after the champion league . We shall see the Dutch attacking from the first minute, common sense as they also knew they need three points to keep their chance alive . The Germans different from the Danes would be more attacking as their expectations in this tournament is higher than the Danes .

Recently there has been a tread of upset in Euro 2012 . Because of the trends I really felt the urge to bet on underdogs this time round . To back a Holland win and a draw between Denmark and Portugal . Hmm Should I bet ?

I fell flat on my face losing the bets together . However I realize that there are mistakes I made when making decisions to bet .

1) not all the time should I buy Total goals 1 and 2 , 2 and 3 actually look more probable for most games

2) I depend too much on FIFA ranking and trust it so much . Now I realize it do not work most of the time , the only thing you can trust is based on the first ten minutes of respective teams performance of each half  and your knowledge about the team strength and their tactics

3) Sometime I bet just for the sake of betting . and sometimes bet without being very sure and lost the bet in the end . So maybe sometimes should lay back a bit .

4) If the odds offered are 1 to 1.60  payout . Do not bet . Why risk your 1dollar to get only 60 cent more !

Try following him (

He is having a great run at the moment . I do not personally know this person , he was referred to me by  friend who has been following and winning . Good luck to my viewers , follow at your own risk .

Yesterday is claypot(lose every bet) day

So poor , I have to dig the garbage to keep mt stomach full

so now I have only 91.85 dollar left from the 100 dollar i start with


~ by nijnail on June 13, 2012.

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