My thoughts on Greece Vs Czech and Poland Vs Russia

6 minutes is all it takes for my bet to go up in flames . I got the rest of the 84 minutes to think if I would use my betting tickets to wipe the water I had spill on my table or to clean my ass as I knew that my bet on 1 and 2 goals chances was over .The Czech number 19 Jesus look alike deliver a good 10 minute god like performances before he looks like he was playing carrying a giant cross on his back . I was right as in the early second half Czech concede a goal through some comical goalkeeping by the CHAMPION LEAGUE WINNING goal keeper, what a goal for me to lose my bet . Cech must have been wondering why he has 4 defenders playing for Czech whereas he has 10 at Chelsea . To be frank the Czech attacking ability was not that great as after they score their two goals , their attacking and build up just does not look dangerous .

Greece on the other hand are a funny team . They always seem to start playing soccer only after they concede , so what do they do before they concede goals ? I know , they are sleeping and only when you score against them , then they will awake .Greece is the jekyll and hyde side .At the same time Greece chances of qualifying from the group are dwindling like their economy .

For you guys who were wondering why did I bet on total goals 1 and 2 . Well I watch the two teams last performances , Either attacking force doesn’t look threatening enough  to score two goals in the opening six minute , but I forget their not so dangerous attack can score against each other not very impressive defense . My mistake not to take their defense into consideration .

Poland Vs Russia

This match I expect Poland to be whip by Russia , but expectantly Poland are the more attacking side  and the Russia are fortunate not to concede ,. I buy a Russia win and so far so good  . Arshavin looks slimmer than the time he left Arsenal . Hmm , I wonder if the food in Russia are not as tasty as in London. But anyway he played better and look sharper and went on to assist a goal that Dzagoev score with his shoulder technique . Good , I do not care how Russia score . Just score and win the game and win me my bet . And Poland please do not try so hard .

Damm the second begins and the Polish look so motivated and my bet is in trouble and indeed they hit back . Poland you are rank at 62 so play like you are rank 62 ,  but you play like rank 26 ! Russia please take your chances because if you do not , you can’t rest your players for the next game .

At 70 min , I saw the Poland’s coach on the sidelines giving instructions to a player telling him to not let Arshavin run pass him . Looking at the impressive display the Poland players are showing , my bet winnings chances are no good . Last 7 minute Poland looks like they are going to settle for a draw and start to play deep .

What a shitty day , lost all the bets . Tomorrow should be better .


~ by nijnail on June 12, 2012.

2 Responses to “My thoughts on Greece Vs Czech and Poland Vs Russia”

  1. […] still have not recover from losing those bet ( yesterday and I am not very confident to predict for today, especially for this Group of death […]

  2. Nope Hahaha

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