Greece vs Czech / Poland vs Russia (betting Journal)

Let talk the team’s last performances as this is the closest as how they will perform in their coming games too. Greece first half against Poland is horrible, however their second half performances made them looks worthy of qualifying from the group. Czech on the other hand, they are just poor against Russia and does not look like they could do much damage to them. I do not know which Greece is going to turn up for this match and so I thought buy Total goals 1, 2 seems to be a good bet .

Poland vs Russia match looks very straight forward to bet on. Russia in their first game was excellent, they certainly looks like semi finalist. I expect them to win against this Poland side as I felt that the class between them was far apart. Poland on the second half look lost when Greece take the game to them , I do not expect any teams to be defending as their Qualifying chances are still alive regardless of the Greece Vs Czech result .However Russia is clearly the stronger side and I am going to back Russia to win against Poland .

Yesterday as it stands

91.85 ====> 15 dollars at stake

10 dollar bet on England Vs France Total goals 1 and 2 (win)

5 dollar bet on backing Sweden to win against Ukraine  . (lost)

In total I win 3 dollar


I have 109.85

94.85 ===> ( using 15 dollars to bet)

10 dollars on total goals 1 (win returns19.50)  and 2 on Greece vs Czech (win returns 18.00)

5 dollars to back Russia win (returns9.75)

Good luck to myself and you all =) .

My betting record so far has not been very good (it should be not really any better lol since I am new to this haha)

8 matches I have 5 profitable bet and 3 losses


Mybets are as follows and the links below them are why I bet them at that time :


(WIN) Greece Vs Poland Total goals 1,2

(WIN) Russia Vs Czech bet Russia win


(LOST) Holland Vs Denmark bet Holland win

(WIN) Germany Vs Portugal bet Germany win

Day 3

(WIN) Spain Vs Italy Total goals 1 and 2

(LOST) Ireland Vs Croatia total goals 1 and 2

Day 4

(win) France Vs England Total goals 1 and 2

(Lost) Ukraine Vs Sweden , bet Sweden win

And here are the my two cent worth of thoughts on the matches and also for user friendly factor



~ by nijnail on June 12, 2012.

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