My thoughts on France vs England and Ukraine vs Sweden

The France vs England match started . As expected , France was the Team who are more attacking minded , their line was push high up and England line is deeper . The match went on as France tries to break down England but England concentration was good and they defend well and have better goal scoring chances than France . England went on to score from a set piece  . After scoring their concentration level seems to have drop and that lead them to concede a goal from France . England attacking plan was to use Young in the hole to feed Welbeck to score . France attacking plan was to take more shots from outside the penalty box .I bet on total goals 1 and 2 . I don’t think I have much chance on winning this bet as I am typing this at half time . However if I did not win the bet I hope England to win this match as I am England fan .

The second half begins , and we get to see France having much of the possession and forcing England in their own half most of the time . France took many shots outside the box but most of the shots were charge down by the England players .And the game carry on like this for the rest of the second half , it’s okay because the 1-1 scoreline is healthy for my wallet . Thanks lady luck for smiling upon me . It could be also that France and England thought they can beat Sweden and Ukraine for point to qualify from their group

Ukraine Vs Sweden .

This match is an open match with both teams pressing each other high up  and taking shots whenever is possible . It is a high tempo game and as both team feels the urgency to win this match the two team give away a lot of free kicks all over the pitch . Ukraine and Sweden both have some decent chances but did not take any of them , The first half ended with a 0-0 scoreline .

The second half begins and the match came into life with the two team scoring goals . The Swedes scored first , it made me very happy because i back Sweden to win . Unfortunately my joy only last 3 min as Ukraine strikes back . These days teams have tenancy to concede right after they score . For example   is the Spain vs Italy match . As I was typing the last sentence , Ukraine scored again . By this time , my bet only stand a 25% chance of winning by looking at how the match went by after the Swedes scored their goal .Near the end of the game the Ukraine defense looks shaky but they held on . The Ukraine went on to win the game and deserving so .soccer is unpredictable , just like how Ukraine rank 57 can beat Sweden rank 17 . The match end and the celebration just shoes how much the victory meant to the Co host .


~ by nijnail on June 11, 2012.

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