France vs England/ Ukraine vs Sweden (betting Journal)

Let us begin with France vs England first. England (Fifa rank 6) and France (Fifa rank 14) .In their respective qualifying campaign, England scored 17 and concede 5 and France scored 15 and concede 4 goals . Since Sweden and Ukraine looks like easy opponents to England and France , I predict that the two sides would be playing cautious football to prevent a loss from happening as they could pick up points from Sweden and Ukraine .However I believe that France would be the more attacking side . France had been on good form unbeaten in their last 18 matches but I just do not see a clear winner but if there is then France is more likely to be winning this fixture ,so for this match I will go for total goals 1 and 2 .

On the match between Sweden and Ukraine. Sweden (Fifa rank 17) and Ukraine (Fifa rank 52) . Ukraine has lost games against teams whose fifa ranking is near Sweden’s and Sweden has scored 31 goals in their qualifying campaign and conceding 11 . Not a very good defense but let us not forget that Sweden has Holland in their group and they concede 6 goals in both of their Holland games . The Swedes still can defend against weaker sides . This game I am backing Sweden to get three points over Ukraine even though Ukraine are the Co host , there is a significant gap between the two side .

Brought Total goals 1,2 for England vs France match

Back Sweden to win against Ukraine .

Yesterday as it stand

89.35 ====> 20 dollars at stake

Bet using 10 dollars on Spain vs Italy Total goals 1 and 2

Bet using 10 dollars on Ireland vs Croatia Total goals 1 and 2

In total result in a lost of $2.5 from my betting capital , my betting capital now as is stand is 106.85 .

Seems that my 100 dollar capital have chance of losing it all before the Euro tournament ends


91.85 ====> 15 dollars at stake

10 dollar bet on England Vs France Total goals 1 and 2

5 dollar bet on backing Sweden to win against Ukraine



~ by nijnail on June 11, 2012.

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