Spain Vs Italy , Ireland vs Croatia ( Betting journal)

For these two matches , I have decided not to back any sides as I do not really see any clear cut winner to emerge in the both matches . These two matches are tricky to back any sides to win . So I had gone for Total goals for these two matches and I don’t really see myself have high chances winning these two Bet . But let me share with you why I feel my bet would be the most probable outcome .

10 dollars on 1 and 2 goals for the Spain vs Italy match

10 dollars on 1 and 2 goals for the Ireland vs Croatia match

Lets start on with Spain vs Italy match .

As I look through the previous records of Spain (fifa rank 1)  performances in Major tournament , I found out that Spain has won most of their matches 1 – 0 against any top 15 fifa rank sides . Example is the world cup 2010 as from the quarter finals they won many match with scoreline 1-0 . In their qualifying  campaign they score 26 goals conceding 6 . On Italy (fifa rank 12) on the other hand , although their performances in major tournament has not been impressive but they did not ready concede many goals in those matches . Their qualifying campaign score a total of 20 goals but however they have the best defensive record of all teams that are in this euro 2012 conceding only 2-0 . Italy shouldn’t be underestimated, their backline consists mostly of Juventus’ Scudeto winning backline including Buffon, which conceded 20 goals in 38 matches. They’re stingy and a cohesive unit. So in conclusion by studying the team performance in major tournament and looking at the data I came out to aid me in betting total goals ( I have decide to bet total goals 1 , 2  .

Lets continue with the Ireland vs Croatia match .

For me , this is a very tough game to bet on . I am not familiar with either sides and they have not play in the recent major tournament so I do not have any reliable data to rely on . Let take a look at their qualifying campaign records . Ireland (fifa rank 18) scored 15 goals and conceding 7 , Croatia (fifa rank 8 score 18 concede 7) . So there was not much differences between the two sides . For this match I believe the two teams will try to win the match as they have Spain and Italy in their group and it is not easy to take anything away from their other two matches . The Irish have been a tough nut to crack since Trapattoni and Tardelli took over the squad. They’ve only been beaten twice in the past 20 matches vs Russia and Uruguay in a friendly . Croatia are probably a better team than Ireland. The thing is, so are Bosnia, Czech Republic, Russia and Italy and they’ve all failed to beat Ireland in the last year, and Ireland beat Bosnia and Italy. Ireland also drew 0-0 at home to Croatia in a friendly last August. However this is no friendly and they had to get 3 point over each other as they prepare to face Spain and Italy in their respective match up . And my Guess is Croatia will be trying to break down a defensive Ireland side , they might succeed but I believe more that the Ireland are capable to hold on to a 1-1 or 1-0 win .

After yesterday

100.75 ===> 10 dollars at stake (Using 5 dollars to back a Germany to win against Portugal and 5 dollars to back Holland to win against Denmark .)


Resulted in 109.35 after making $3.60 profit from Germany Match and lost 5 dollars bet of Holland match

89.35 ====> 20 dollars at stake

Bet using 10 dollars on Spain vs Italy Total goals 1 and 2

Bet using 10 dollars on Ireland vs Croatia Total goals 1 and 2

However after yesterday Group B matches which most of the people thought would be high scoring , high scoring did not occur and for Group C matches it could turn out to be high scoring when most people thought they be low scoring . In betting soccer , one better not be so confident on their bets . That is why when I make a bet , i told myself that the money is lost .

Thank you to those who have been following my blog . My next post would be on my thoughts for Spain vs Italy and Ireland vs Croatia , it will be release one hour after the Ireland Vs Croatia match .

My next post on what I bet on and my analysis of the France vs England and Ukraine vs Sweden would be 23 hrs from now .

Stay tune and thank you for visiting my blog

For these two matches I need a lot of luck . Good luck to you guys out there too .



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