My thoughts on Spain vs Italy and Ireland vs Croatia

For this match I have brought bets of Total goals 1 and 2 . I expected the game to be a cagey affair. Spain started the game trying to pass the ball around but when the Spanish move the ball into the Italian half, the Italian defended very well to prevent the Spanish from doing any real damage.  Both goalkeepers are also good in the first half. The match has low scoring written all over judging how the first half went by.

The second half start and at the 60th minute Italy scored and 3 minutes later the Spanish hit back. I start to worry for my total goals bet . Who would not be worried if they brought 1,2 total goals and a cagey game suddenly spring to life with two goals in 3 minutes . At 75th minute, Torres was through on goal but luckily he could not pass Buffon . After the second goal was score, my total goal bets are basically just hanging on a thread. Although there were a lot of chance but thankfully I got lucky and win the bet . Yahoo !

Come the Ireland vs Croatia match . I bet on 1 , 2 total goals for this match . 3 minute into a game we got a goal , my total goals bet chances of winning are going down real fast . This is a great  game for the neutrals , but a nightmare for someone who bet 1 , 2 total goals . All of the sudden , the Irish shows their fighting spirit and scores another  goal . At this point I knew that this bet is 75% chance of losing and it was already lost before half time as the referee allows that offside goal.

I just type this post and sleep .

Anyway from how this match is played , Croatia might be able to pull an upset against Italy or Spain if they can continue their first half performance into the second half . Croatia also gone quite lucky to have that third goal unfortunately for me .

So in total , I still lost 2.5 dollar in total for these 2 matches combined


~ by nijnail on June 10, 2012.

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