My thoughts on Holland 0 vs 1 Denmark and Germany 1 vs 0 Portugal

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I guess I am not the only person that has lost the bet by backing Holland to win against Denmark . However in soccer nothing is predictable , that is why most betting sites do not go out of business easily.

The match between Holland and Denmark started as most people expected Holland to have more possession and create more chances against Denmark . Denmark on the other hand will try to counter and score with set pieces . The Dutch could have been in front but they were let down by their horrible finishing and are being punished for it as the Denmark drew first blood by scoring first . At that point of the time I knew if Holland horrible finishing continues I would lose my bet and Holland will lose the match . The Danes have defended well and with the aid of Holland’s horror show of finishing , they have manage to win the first match in the group of them . Many people have written the Danes off but now we got to rethink   about that . If Holland had scored first , I predict that the Dutch would win by more than a goal . If the Danes score first , they would close up and defend their 1-0 lead . Unfortunately for me it did happen , but credit to Denmark  as they deserve all 3 points .

Germany vs Portugal

This match is an open game but both side defenses are playing well and therefore there are not many chances created in the first half . I back Germany to win this game for my bet . They started well and things are looking positive but created a few chances against a Portugal defense . Portugal looks motivated for the match , their work rate matched Germany . The first half ended with a 0-0 draw with Pepe hitting the post with an effort which my heart stop for a second .Still Germany looking the better side  for the first half. The second half started with Germany bombarding the Portuguese goal but the game quiet down after 5 min . At the 73 minute just as the German’s coach is ready to put Gomez back to the bench after another lackluster performance , Gomez scores and give his coach something to think about . Right after the German scores , Portugal start pressing on and they did threaten the German goal . I got an heart attack on 87 min as I saw Portugal getting a clear shot at German . The Germans held on really well as Portugal kept on attacking , my 5 dollars could be lost anytime . But they held on and my won my bet .

Holland was disappointing . Germany nearly could have drawn too but luckily did not .


For the two games which most of the people would thought be high scoring games , they turn out to be a 1-0 win . Felt that many people would have lost their Total goal bet .


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