Holland Vs Denmark , Germany vs Portugal ( Betting journal)


This post is continuation of the above link .

I start with 100 dollars .

10 dollars on total goals 1 and 2 on Poland vs Greece match

5 dollars to back Russia to win against Czech

After day one of Euro 2012 . I got the Total goals on Poland vs Greece match and back Russia to win correct . https://nijnail.wordpress.com/2012/06/08/my-thoughts-on-poland-1-vs-1-greece-and-russia-2-vs-1-czech-9/

As it stand have $110.75 as I profited from the winning bets above .

I now use 5 dollars to back a Germany to win against Portugal and 5 dollars to back Holland to win against Denmark .

100.75 ===> 10 dollars at stake

Reason why I back Germany and Holland to win is simple

Denmark (Fifa rank 9) looks to be the weakest on paper in this Group B group of death , the dutch will be focusing on getting 3 points from this match as it would be easier compare trying to get a win against Germany and Portugal  . Holland (Fifa rank 4) have been Impressive in their qualifying campaign scoring 37 goals and conceding 8 compared Denmark Scoring 15 and conceding 8 . I expect to see Holland to be attacking Denmark most of the time and Denmark defending and counter later in the match .I have pick a Holland win for this as i felt is the safest .

The other match which is Germany vs Portugal , I have pick Germany to win this as I felt that Portugal is a bit overrated . Yes they have good players like Ronaldo and Nani , however I do not see Portugal playing as a team . Portugal qualifying campaign stats are not that great either , scoring 21 goals but conceding 12 . They concede the most in the qualifying campaign compare to the other countries . Germany on the other hand score 34 and concede 7 in qualifying . Based on the stat, I would expect this to be a exciting open game but however Portugal attack will not be threatening and will frequently loses the ball and lead to a Germany counter attack . Germany is also a very fit team with fast players and they can hold the ball well too .

As the two games has very high chances that many goals would be scored , playing total goal would be a very risky affair .

Although betting that Holland and Germany to win 2 goals or more looks good . But i would still go for a Holland and Germany win only . Although the winning might be measly , my strategy has been to go for the safest and the bet which I am most comfortable with . My number 1 principle in betting is that

( Protecting capital > opportunity to win more $  )



~ by nijnail on June 9, 2012.

3 Responses to “Holland Vs Denmark , Germany vs Portugal ( Betting journal)”

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  2. […] This post is the continuation of https://nijnail.wordpress.com/2012/06/09/holland-vs-denmark-germany-vs-portugal-betting-journal/ […]

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