Poland Vs Greece , Russia vs Czech ( Betting journal)

As I mention in my earlier blogs , I going to start with a 100SGD and see if I can bet through the entire tournament . Here it goes for my very first bet of Euro 2010 .

For Poland Vs Greece I choose to bet on total goals , I not confident in choosing sides to win for this .Poland is rank at 62 and Greece is rank at 15.  Greece defends is decent as they only concede 5 in their qualifying campaign  and they only score 15 . For Poland I don’t know much about them as they have been winning their their friendlies recently 4 win and 1 draw against Portugal in their last five matches with most win ending up 1-0 . With so many 1-0 win Poland tactics could be to defend and counter . For this match i choose to buy 5 dollar on total goal 1 and 5 dollars on total goal 2 as I felt that both teams attacking strength are not that strong .

For Russia vs Czech match , I have decided to back russia for the win as the data from the qualifying campaign shoes that Russia score 17 concede 4 and rank at 17 whereas Czech score 12 and concede 8 and rank at 27. I am quite sure Russia will win for this but however I have always keep in mind that nothing is certain but I always bet on the most probable.

I start with 100 dollars .

10 dollars on total goals 1 and 2 on Poland vs Greece match

5 dollars to back Russia to win against Czech

Now I have 85 dollar left and 15 dollars at risk LOL . All the best for you if you are betting too .Image


~ by nijnail on June 8, 2012.

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