My thoughts on Poland 1 vs 1 Greece and Russia 2 vs 1 Czech

This is a follow up on so far

Poland Vs Greece . This match I had expected it to be a cagey affair as Poland has been winning mostly 1-0 in their friendlies and plus with the Greece Trademark defense I do not have high hopes for an exciting game . Poland play a 4231 vs Greece 433. The first half begun with the Polish attacking Greece , Poland work rate and movement of the ball was good and soon they got their goal from Robert Lewandowski in the 17th minute . The Greece defense was horrible as I guess Greece thought that Poland rank 62 would be a easy win and got nervous when Poland have a real go at them . Greece nightmare was not over as they found themselves 1 men down due to red card for two soft foul .

The second begins and Greece came out a different side , they start to have a higher work rate and keep pressure Poland . Whatever the Greece manager said to the players at half time must have work wonders . The Polish are looking complacent as they are one goal up and Greece are one men down. According to the script , Greece should be losing but they torn up the script and attempt to rewrite it . Greece score at 51min . Greece continue to attack and found themselves awarded a penalty as the current arsenal keeper Wojciech Szczęsny took away the Greece player legs . With the Penalty , Greece feels they got 3 points in the bag . However replacement keeper Przemyslaw Tyton saves it . I was nervous throughout the game as I brought Total goals 1 and 2 , the penalty save is a miracle . I have not lost my bet yet ! After the penalty save both teams seems to only want to not lose and therefore the game slows down . I of course is a happy man as if they want to keep the score 1-1 I would win my total goal bet and I did win .

Now onto the next match Russia Vs Czech .Russia play 433 and Czech plays a 4231. This match was entertaining as the both teams play an open game . From the match I can see that Russia has been the better side throughout the 90mins . Their build up plays were good and they create lots of chances , the Russian went on to score 2 goals before half time and Czech was 2-0 down . At that point of the time I felt my backing of a Russia looks good . But however I got a scare at early half time as Czech score . But it doesn’t matter as Russian went on to score 2 more goals later on .

First day of euro 2012 I finish as a happy man winning my total goals and backing Russia to win

Here are what I bet on .

The next post will be about who I will back on Group B matches Holland vs Denmark and Germany vs Portugal .


~ by nijnail on June 8, 2012.

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