The intelligent way to Vote

I don’t if making such comment will land me in any trouble but anyway , I feel I have to share this with people anyway .

So here we go

What kind of people I will not vote for 

People who

-Slip the tough question so that the public will not discover campaign build on foundation of unworkable so called solutions

-political double talk that no one could quite figure out

-pretending to be the images that polls shows people want

-pretending to have all the answer although they know they don’t

-act out of greed for money or power instead of duty

-Blaming others for all that is wrong and shamelessly seeking credit for all that is right

And I  would vote for people who are

– telling the truth

-keeping their word

– solving problems in a effective manner

– able to communicate in an understandable fashion

-does the job right

-being compassionate , kinf and loyal

-demonstrating the value of intelligences in helping others


-being happy and sharing the happiness

One workable solutions to vote someone who is right for the job is to find out his level of his intelligences

Unless your intelligences is quite higher than his , you are likely to estimate erroneously every time. the intelligences of the politician is the deepest secret . Most politician lack the intelligences to maintain a high level of ethics but some nations let them run their government anyhow and then complains about the problems that arise later .

Just have the politicians take the world most accurate intelligence test for adult that is available today , the wesher adult intelligences test revise , properly administrate to every politicians . That is the answer.

The higher one intelligences is , the higher you will find his ethics, effectiveness , timeliness , responsibility   , helpfulness , happiness and the greater the tenacity for others to do well in his field of influences .

An above average intelligences does not guarantee high ethics , nevertheless an accurate measurment of extremely high intelligences did denote a person who will act with extraordinary high ethics , WHY ? Because it’s the intelligent thing to do !

So why shouldn’t we know the intelligences of each candidate before election day   ?

Exercise the vote you have intelligently .


~ by nijnail on May 1, 2011.

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