A song that describe my country

My days are getting busy and i have been adding content to my website . Anyway i still find time to blog , i just like to share stuff with people thats why and do my best to entertain on the blog. Today i be showing you a song that i have already listened to a long time ago . However after all this times i have sort of forgotten the song , but i saw a link on youtube so i decide to click it and listen . Surprising it doesn’t get boring for me and i still finds it funny even though it is lame. This is the song that just describle the place i am living it . In the song it cover some of Singapore history and some of the stuff that only Singaporeans like me understood . So if you are a foreigner , there would be part which you do not understand , go ask your Singapore friends or me if you want to know . I saw many other similar videos of this taken out youtube . I dun know how long this video will still be there but anyway just watch it since it is still there.


~ by nijnail on September 14, 2010.

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