This guy went to Germany to interview a prostitute !!

He asked the prostitute like whats her rates and how many days she works . This is for all shy young mens who are just curious to know about this industry . Posting this actually took me lots of guts as I dunno if any of my young cousin comes and see this , I dunno if I get into trouble . But since youtube allows this , I think it okay for everyone .

The guy who is interview the German prostitute is an American guy and he call himself Skyjohn, personally i think that this person is one cool guy . He is a bartender , he has his own channels on making cocktails as well as this type of interviews video .However the most active channel is his  Ask The john channel , whom people send their question on and he will answer any of it .In his video he requested that his video and channels be spread so I am doing him a favor on my blog now . I gonna post one of his highest views ask the john video on my blog the next post and one o facebook too


~ by nijnail on September 9, 2010.

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