This song is stuck in my head !

I stumble upon this song on youtube singing about the recently $9000 given to NSF . I can’t get it out of my head and i kept listening to it although i felt it was lame but i think it actually voice out for some of the old soldiers who cry foul for already ROD and not getting a cent of the 9000. I gonna share this video . I think most of you guys should have heard this song by this time .

Recently there is this $9000 dollar recognition award to all national service man . The $9,000 for NSmen who are citizens only – and more for commanders – will go into their CPF and Post-Secondary Education Accounts in tranches . It has draw a lot of mixed reviews as i seen on the forums . Some say that it is not fair as they have ROD and will not get the money . Some point out that the $9000(goes into CPF) are money that cant be touch and use when you are dying ( age 65 CPF withdraw) . There are also people who voice out that give money also make noises . Some suggested that this is a tactic used by PAP to get more votes for the coming election .Many NSmen felt that $9,000 is hardly enough to compensate for the sacrifices they have made for the nation with some regarding it as an affront to their dignity.

I am actually Bochup about this . I got not reservist , so when i ROD i also dunno if i am getting 3000 or the full 9000 . I suddenly remember my friends who ORD on month 2010 august . Wow , I mean if they value the extra CPF money they surely would feel the OUCH . What I feel is that if the 9000 is not cold hard cash , it not helping me . I dun need it to be in my CPF , I dun even know if i live that long . If i die before 65 , the CPF money belongs to the government back .


~ by nijnail on September 8, 2010.

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