A let down week-end

This weekend is actually good for me , going to chuck fest and getting to eat buffet . The one activity sorely lacking is only getting to play soccer . the whole week i was anticipating on Sunday to play soccer either on the street soccer court or on the field . This morning I was awaken by the noise of the rain battering on my window , I opened my eyes and the sky was dark . I said to myself ” doesn’t matter , there is still evening for me to play” .   My mum told me that it had rained since 4am, the field would be a muddy mess . Damm , there goes my one week per soccer session . I was let-down by the wealther . Out of all days it chose to rain on a sunday  .

now i am just typing this feeling bored and something missing . I wonder when would i get to play again . . . . can’t wait as i waited for a week already . My legs are itching and are ready for a session .

It  okay Puasa is ending soon and i am expecting the field to be full of people again next Saturday . Meanwhile i had to endure this emptiness .


~ by nijnail on September 5, 2010.

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