The “Fun” people said I miss in BMT

I enter national service unlike most of my friends . The biggest difference they told is that actually i never been through BMT . All of my Army friends told me BMT (basic military training ) is fun but when i ask them if they would go through it again , none of them wanted . I had add an officer on facebook  and recently he posted a video on it . It is about some parts of BMT . After watching it , my thoughts about BM was tough and hell . Anyway I had seen that video only so i roughly know what is BMT like but I would never understand what is it really like because i did not go through it . Below is a video about BMT which is about digging shell scrape and some training . The recruits in the video were tested physically and mentally .

I think it is a very good video for those who is going into the army to see and know what to expect from the video . For people like me to know what hell my fellow army friends really went through in tekong resort . Also for girls who had no ideas what their boyfriend/brothers are doing in army .


~ by nijnail on September 3, 2010.

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