My thoughts on E-bay lesson experience .

I went on this E-bay course held by the Chua chu kang community center on date  210810 and 290810 . When I first enter the class , I looked around I dun see anyone my age . Mostly are elderly and middle ages , I was like “did i enter the right room” . Later the trainer ( who is a generous and fantastic person) told me that i was at the right place . The trainer was in his 70s and he claim he started learning CPU at like late 50s (learning is a never ending process) .

So the lesson started and I sit on the second row . At first was really basics (registering an account) and i was ahead of the class , got bored and play Facebook and ebuddy LOL . However as the lesson goes on ,  I started to learn how e-bay charge fees and learn from the trainer experiences on many things . One of it which i can recall is about always request that buyer sigh upon receiving the product because when the goods got delivered without needing to sign , the delivery man would just leave the product at doorstep when no one answers the door and lead to other dishonest people to come and steal it . The buyer could claim that he did not receive the product and request for money back or another product .

Another is that if you are selling physical product to overseas , always choose those that are light and expensive . Like diamonds , light in weight incur less shipping costs . Therefore you get to profit more .

Towards the end of the course I received a cert from the community center , a disc full of information on doing e-bay business and WTF ( a thumbdrive) . Nevertheless I was very grateful  . The trainer then say ” your course has not ended , it has just begin . Any questions , u just ask me through the e-mail . Got a mentor too

I conclude that in the end i got more value from the course than the 98 dollars i payed for .


~ by nijnail on August 29, 2010.

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