Look at this LOOK AT THIS !

This guy is Randy and he can do awesome arts. Let mi show you some of his works .

Mr. Randy Boni ~ Carving Full Time Since 1989

Mr. Randy Boni,  is commissioned by commercial, public, and private property owners around the country to sculpt dying or damaged trees into high profile landmarks.  Using primarily a chainsaw, Boni is regarded as one of the most proficient chainsaw artist in the country.  Boni has always depended on wood for his livelihood and has a deep respect for trees, conservatism, proper forest management, and safeguarding nature, not destroying it.  “If a tree is dying or has to be taken down, I feel I’m preserving some remembrance of the tree with my carvings,”  he stated

For more details . check out his website http://www.abundance-acres.com/

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~ by nijnail on May 10, 2010.

One Response to “Look at this LOOK AT THIS !”

  1. well,i think this is real cool,and is creative!!! great artwork!!!

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