The Convenient breakfast in singapore

Singapore is a very busy city and most Singaporeans have a very hectic lifestyle.

Singaporeans are always rushing to work and someone comes up with an idea to cater some fast  take away breakfast . One of the many examples  of that type is breakfast is as shown in the picture. When u visit the Kopitiam (coffee shops) during early morning . U can see these stalls already operating and selling breakfast at like as early as 5.30am . The food they offer are like bee-hoon , variety of noodles . Side dishes are like vegetables , hash brown , eggs ,curry , chicken wings. U can mix and match around with your breakfast. There are still alot more variety , here are just some of the few i can think of .

In my opinion this is the most convenient breakfast in Singapore .  Reason being they are already doing business in early morning . the other reason being that the waiting time for these breakfast are short. Your breakfast would be ready by 2 mins.

This is actually a good piece of business . In the morning , not many stall would be open so there is not much competition around that time. During the early morning , most people don’t have the time to cook as they are rushing and preparing to go work .

So if you are reading this , do you have any good suggestion to make breakfast even more convenient ? Leave your interesting and creative responses behide


~ by nijnail on April 28, 2010.

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