Ukraine vs France / Sweden Vs England My betting journal

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Today I made some crazy bets which I share with you later. You can choose to follow if you are crazy enough , or otherwise you can go against my bet . I been on a losing streak so it can be a good choice to bet against me as I seems to jinx all my bets .

Let start with Ukraine vs France and save the more exciting match for later .the co-host played well in their last match but I do not see that Ukraine can beat France for this game . France is an improved side , not like that France that gives a half ass performance in world cup 2010 . This France means business . During the France vs England game , the french are in control of the game for most of the time and England defending . Well my take is that Ukraine might be thinking about defending and playing counter since they knew France needs a win against them and they already got three points . It depends on how the games go . France are not the kind of team that score and start to sit back in their own half .If Ukraine choose to crowd their penalty box against France then their keeper(A. Pyatov) needs to be on form as France likes to take shots outside the box and their shooting is quite good , just look at how Nasri scores against England . If France gets to score early then the game would be high scoring whereas if it is still 0-0 at half time I predict the game to end 2 goals or less . With that said I am backing France to win . Scroll down to check my odds below , kind of sucks by the way I tell you guys .

Now let talk about Sweden Vs England

FACT – England has never beat Sweden in their last twelve games , those to back England need all the luck they can get . The last match Sweden was poor against Ukraine , I guess mainly due to complacency and under estimating opponents .This match the Swedes will have to give their all as they need the three points if not they can join Ireland and Holland . I expect England to play a 4-4-1-1,  and Hodgson winning rate as a manager is 40% and England might be defending because that is Hodgson’s way . Why did England choose to get a draw with France  ? Simple , because they think that Sweden and Ukraine are easier teams to them . Depending on the results on the Ukraine France match , that will determine England’s approach to the second half . France win , they would need to attack Sweden . Draw and Sweden win would means England can afford to sit back defend and counter .

I am taking Sweden to win since if I bet on England I win peanuts , I think the Sweden have equally good chance to win this game  . A draw is very likely too but like I said I am going to take a crazy bet . You can take draw if you want .

Today I back a France and Sweden win . Scroll below to see

My thoughts on Italy vs Croatia and Spain vs Ireland

Italy dominated the first half and score through a Pirlo free kick . That free kick is world class and that kick made me lose my “half time draw ” bet . Italy has many chances but they did not take them and they got punish by a motivated Croatia in the second half . Croatia is controlling the midfield in the second half and work hard to get lost ball back . M. Mandžukić has been himself a name on Euro 2012 join top scorer M. Gómez and A. Dzagoev . Croatia could have won the game in the second half as they had better chances and a penalty claim  . Italy can count themselves lucky not to lose given their bad finishing .

Spain vs Ireland

Spain is really a world class team if you had seen them play yesterday . They control the whole game and Ireland could not do a thing against them . Spain played like a Barcelona without messi , but yesterday they had the on form Torres back and that was good enough to get a rout against the Irish . Spain scored 4 goals and it could be worse if not for given who made some really nice saves . The Irish did work hard but the gap between Spain and Ireland are just too much . Irish has a lot of league one standard player in their team and Spain are all Champions league and League winners standard player . Ireland also play simon cox(league 1 hardly made any appearances for club) in front of jon walter(one of Stoke first team player ) . With this Spain score lots of goals and  win my Total goals over 3 bet .

The photos got a problem when I upload them and cannot be rotate ? Upside down a sign for you to bet against me . Hmmmm

Can’t see odds clearly ? try the links Ukraine vs France Sweden Vs England



Italy vs Croatia / Spain vs Ireland (betting Journal)

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All right yesterday my hands felt itchy so I went to buy a holland win and denmark win . Fingers got sting but never mind , I still like 80+ dollars to lose . I bet underdog for fun as there has been upset once or twice , maybe yesterday will happened again but it did not .

Italy vs Croatia

The way I look at this match , it look like a very possible Italian win . However Croatia does not look like a poor team the last time they play ,and maybe Italy is a bit over rate . For this match I am following ( who is winning 9 bet in a row betting that the first half would end up a draw . If they drew in the first half ,I win my bet . Another friend of mine bet on total goals 2 and 3 , I wish him good luck for today .

Spain Vs Ireland

For this match there is not much of a history between Spain and Ireland . They seldom play against each other . I do fancy the Ireland to be already knock by later  , as the Spain is really too good for Ireland . The only hope the Irish have is to defend and try to score on set pieces . I think Spain’s weakness is set pieces as most of their players are short  . Just think about the Ireland defense in that Croatia , I said it’s no good at all . If they are going to do that kind of bad defending against Spain I would be happy as I have bet on the game totals goals to be over ( more than 3 goals in the match) . However if the Irish decide to play for a draw and park their penalty box I will be worried . Italian coach , who knows if he will not play like that  . I hope they just defend poorly and win me my bet , no offense to all the Irish if you are reading this . I am a fan of Robbie Keane but a even bigger fan of my own money .

And good luck !


My thoughts on Denmark vs Portugal / Holland vs Germany

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Denmark Vs Portugal …. Hmm , does not sounds like a lot of goals but I am glad that I am wrong . The match first half turns out to be the most entertaining first half in this tournament yet . Free flowing and open game , what a dream for neutrals like me . Portugal did not screw themselves this time around by putting up a decent show, however they are still quite predictable by always trying to feed the ball to Ronaldo and Nani on the flanks  . They went on to score two goals first through pepe and postigal . Pepe on this euro is good surprisingly . Ronaldo is disappointing  as he can’t score one on one and whatsoever , he whine at every decisions go against him like most of the time he play for Portugal. Ronaldo I can only said you flop flop flop at euro and in a Portugal shirt .The Portugal Coach master substitution put on Silvestre Varela to score the winning goal .  While Denmark on the other hand , what can I say ? They tried hard and played well yet just a little not enough .People who bet on Portugal must have a roller coaster emotional ride throughout the game haha . But anyway a game I enjoyed as a fan .

Holland Vs Germany , will it be as exciting as their other Group B matches for today ? Nope as i watch on  two cautious nation slowly testing each other . Ultimately it was Holland questionable defense to crack first and they concede the first goal . Seriously Holland defense is really lousy , they time and time again fail to mark the German players and it is not like the German players forgot how to score . Last match when the Dutch fail to score they dug themselves a big hole . It had made to them to need to play an offensive game against Germany and Germany use that to their advantages to defend and counter . During the second half the Dutch sub in more offensive player in hoping to score goals . They did get one back but it was not enough , they need three .

With the defeat , the dutch can start packing their bags and hang their head in shame because they knew they had let their country down  . Their attackers shooting are wayward and their porous defense did not help .

Denmark vs Portugal / Holland vs Germany (betting Journal)

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I still have not recover from losing those bet ( yesterday and I am not very confident to predict for today, especially for this Group of death matches , can be also group of death for the pundits as who predicted that Holland would lose to Denmark on the last match .

Wait a minute , I am not suppose to be a pundit predicting what would happen . I am just a novice paying fee to the odds maker (by losing a few bets) to learn how to bet .And if I really could predict all the games correctly I would need no job and Singapore pools will pay for my meals , housing and etc…

Here is my guess on how the game will go on , we start with the Denmark vs Portugal match .

Denmark now has 3 pts and Portugal have 0 pts . Portugal should be attacking to get all 3 pts from this match if they still harbor any hopes to get through the group stage but they have to be careful or else Portugal might end up like Holland . Denmark because that they have 3 points and there is not much expectation require from them , the Danes might just play cautious and hit with counter . If Denmark could not find a way a score then after 70 min they might just pass the ball around to get a draw 1 pts . By doing that they could damage Portugal qualifying chances and at the same time increase their own chances depending on what happen during the Holland vs Germany . Portugal on the other hand will throw everything and anything they have after the 70min if the score reflect that they are going to lose or draw .

Holland Vs Germany

After watching the last Germany match , I suppose the Germans did not play as well as we think they should . Maybe their players are tired as most of them are from bayern munich and they do not have enough time to recover after the champion league . We shall see the Dutch attacking from the first minute, common sense as they also knew they need three points to keep their chance alive . The Germans different from the Danes would be more attacking as their expectations in this tournament is higher than the Danes .

Recently there has been a tread of upset in Euro 2012 . Because of the trends I really felt the urge to bet on underdogs this time round . To back a Holland win and a draw between Denmark and Portugal . Hmm Should I bet ?

I fell flat on my face losing the bets together . However I realize that there are mistakes I made when making decisions to bet .

1) not all the time should I buy Total goals 1 and 2 , 2 and 3 actually look more probable for most games

2) I depend too much on FIFA ranking and trust it so much . Now I realize it do not work most of the time , the only thing you can trust is based on the first ten minutes of respective teams performance of each half  and your knowledge about the team strength and their tactics

3) Sometime I bet just for the sake of betting . and sometimes bet without being very sure and lost the bet in the end . So maybe sometimes should lay back a bit .

4) If the odds offered are 1 to 1.60  payout . Do not bet . Why risk your 1dollar to get only 60 cent more !

Try following him (

He is having a great run at the moment . I do not personally know this person , he was referred to me by  friend who has been following and winning . Good luck to my viewers , follow at your own risk .

Yesterday is claypot(lose every bet) day

So poor , I have to dig the garbage to keep mt stomach full

so now I have only 91.85 dollar left from the 100 dollar i start with

My thoughts on Greece Vs Czech and Poland Vs Russia

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6 minutes is all it takes for my bet to go up in flames . I got the rest of the 84 minutes to think if I would use my betting tickets to wipe the water I had spill on my table or to clean my ass as I knew that my bet on 1 and 2 goals chances was over .The Czech number 19 Jesus look alike deliver a good 10 minute god like performances before he looks like he was playing carrying a giant cross on his back . I was right as in the early second half Czech concede a goal through some comical goalkeeping by the CHAMPION LEAGUE WINNING goal keeper, what a goal for me to lose my bet . Cech must have been wondering why he has 4 defenders playing for Czech whereas he has 10 at Chelsea . To be frank the Czech attacking ability was not that great as after they score their two goals , their attacking and build up just does not look dangerous .

Greece on the other hand are a funny team . They always seem to start playing soccer only after they concede , so what do they do before they concede goals ? I know , they are sleeping and only when you score against them , then they will awake .Greece is the jekyll and hyde side .At the same time Greece chances of qualifying from the group are dwindling like their economy .

For you guys who were wondering why did I bet on total goals 1 and 2 . Well I watch the two teams last performances , Either attacking force doesn’t look threatening enough  to score two goals in the opening six minute , but I forget their not so dangerous attack can score against each other not very impressive defense . My mistake not to take their defense into consideration .

Poland Vs Russia

This match I expect Poland to be whip by Russia , but expectantly Poland are the more attacking side  and the Russia are fortunate not to concede ,. I buy a Russia win and so far so good  . Arshavin looks slimmer than the time he left Arsenal . Hmm , I wonder if the food in Russia are not as tasty as in London. But anyway he played better and look sharper and went on to assist a goal that Dzagoev score with his shoulder technique . Good , I do not care how Russia score . Just score and win the game and win me my bet . And Poland please do not try so hard .

Damm the second begins and the Polish look so motivated and my bet is in trouble and indeed they hit back . Poland you are rank at 62 so play like you are rank 62 ,  but you play like rank 26 ! Russia please take your chances because if you do not , you can’t rest your players for the next game .

At 70 min , I saw the Poland’s coach on the sidelines giving instructions to a player telling him to not let Arshavin run pass him . Looking at the impressive display the Poland players are showing , my bet winnings chances are no good . Last 7 minute Poland looks like they are going to settle for a draw and start to play deep .

What a shitty day , lost all the bets . Tomorrow should be better .

Greece vs Czech / Poland vs Russia (betting Journal)

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Let talk the team’s last performances as this is the closest as how they will perform in their coming games too. Greece first half against Poland is horrible, however their second half performances made them looks worthy of qualifying from the group. Czech on the other hand, they are just poor against Russia and does not look like they could do much damage to them. I do not know which Greece is going to turn up for this match and so I thought buy Total goals 1, 2 seems to be a good bet .

Poland vs Russia match looks very straight forward to bet on. Russia in their first game was excellent, they certainly looks like semi finalist. I expect them to win against this Poland side as I felt that the class between them was far apart. Poland on the second half look lost when Greece take the game to them , I do not expect any teams to be defending as their Qualifying chances are still alive regardless of the Greece Vs Czech result .However Russia is clearly the stronger side and I am going to back Russia to win against Poland .

Yesterday as it stands

91.85 ====> 15 dollars at stake

10 dollar bet on England Vs France Total goals 1 and 2 (win)

5 dollar bet on backing Sweden to win against Ukraine  . (lost)

In total I win 3 dollar


I have 109.85

94.85 ===> ( using 15 dollars to bet)

10 dollars on total goals 1 (win returns19.50)  and 2 on Greece vs Czech (win returns 18.00)

5 dollars to back Russia win (returns9.75)

Good luck to myself and you all =) .

My betting record so far has not been very good (it should be not really any better lol since I am new to this haha)

8 matches I have 5 profitable bet and 3 losses


Mybets are as follows and the links below them are why I bet them at that time :


(WIN) Greece Vs Poland Total goals 1,2

(WIN) Russia Vs Czech bet Russia win


(LOST) Holland Vs Denmark bet Holland win

(WIN) Germany Vs Portugal bet Germany win

Day 3

(WIN) Spain Vs Italy Total goals 1 and 2

(LOST) Ireland Vs Croatia total goals 1 and 2

Day 4

(win) France Vs England Total goals 1 and 2

(Lost) Ukraine Vs Sweden , bet Sweden win

And here are the my two cent worth of thoughts on the matches and also for user friendly factor


My thoughts on France vs England and Ukraine vs Sweden

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The France vs England match started . As expected , France was the Team who are more attacking minded , their line was push high up and England line is deeper . The match went on as France tries to break down England but England concentration was good and they defend well and have better goal scoring chances than France . England went on to score from a set piece  . After scoring their concentration level seems to have drop and that lead them to concede a goal from France . England attacking plan was to use Young in the hole to feed Welbeck to score . France attacking plan was to take more shots from outside the penalty box .I bet on total goals 1 and 2 . I don’t think I have much chance on winning this bet as I am typing this at half time . However if I did not win the bet I hope England to win this match as I am England fan .

The second half begins , and we get to see France having much of the possession and forcing England in their own half most of the time . France took many shots outside the box but most of the shots were charge down by the England players .And the game carry on like this for the rest of the second half , it’s okay because the 1-1 scoreline is healthy for my wallet . Thanks lady luck for smiling upon me . It could be also that France and England thought they can beat Sweden and Ukraine for point to qualify from their group

Ukraine Vs Sweden .

This match is an open match with both teams pressing each other high up  and taking shots whenever is possible . It is a high tempo game and as both team feels the urgency to win this match the two team give away a lot of free kicks all over the pitch . Ukraine and Sweden both have some decent chances but did not take any of them , The first half ended with a 0-0 scoreline .

The second half begins and the match came into life with the two team scoring goals . The Swedes scored first , it made me very happy because i back Sweden to win . Unfortunately my joy only last 3 min as Ukraine strikes back . These days teams have tenancy to concede right after they score . For example   is the Spain vs Italy match . As I was typing the last sentence , Ukraine scored again . By this time , my bet only stand a 25% chance of winning by looking at how the match went by after the Swedes scored their goal .Near the end of the game the Ukraine defense looks shaky but they held on . The Ukraine went on to win the game and deserving so .soccer is unpredictable , just like how Ukraine rank 57 can beat Sweden rank 17 . The match end and the celebration just shoes how much the victory meant to the Co host .